Slow and Distracted

There is just something about classic novels that demand a slower read. Or maybe that's just me. I started this book (Dracula) five days ago and I'm only 10% done with it. To be fair, though, I have been completely and utterly distracted with my library books. In particular, this one: This wonderful book kept …

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Doctor Who and Library Books

I can't seem to stop. My library book pile keeps getting bigger and bigger... Before: After: Now, this normally wouldn't be a problem for me, especially now that I don't have school to worry about. Except this time it is a bit of a problem because of... Doctor Who. I inadvertently got my roommate hooked …

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Libraries Are Dangerous! I Love It!

The Book Cellar at my city's library is having a sale this month.  I bought that stack of books for only $5!  I love my library! Of course, it isn't just the Book Cellar that's dangerous. I have 5 more day left in my summer semester (and then I have a degree!), so I put …

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Audio Books

Being a poor college student, I don't buy music very often.  Being an individual with a somewhat nervous temperament, the idea of downloading music illegally makes me... well, nervous. So what's a person to do when every single song she owns has been played ad nauseam? Why she turns to audio books.  That can be …

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Library Books

While I was on my two month....sabbatical..... from my fish bowl books, I had picked up and read a some really great books from the library.  I'd like to start sharing some of those great adventures.  I'll write a post once a week highlighting one of the books (or trilogy of books) I had enjoyed reading. …

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