Fun Fantasy Adventure

Son of a Lost King

The Skai and the Tyr were one people long ago. But that day is lost in the mists of time. And now the Skai have sent a warrior to find the Rune Blade that could slice through the darkness of blood and violence that had fallen across their land.

A warrior as beautiful as she was fierce. She returned my Tyran glance with a Skai boldness all her own. “And when you find the lost prince that has the sword you seek,” I asked, “Will you marry him?”

“I might,” she said. “I might have to kill him.”

I looked down at the blade that lay as bright as a promise in my hand. And the adventure that was to transform my life began…

How did go?

It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t anything new or groundbreaking – but the characters were engaging and the world was believable. The writing was pretty good, too. The author took her inspiration from old Celtic myths. She wrote the dialogue so that one could get a sense of the Scottish accent without overwhelming the reader with purposefully misspelled words.

The description on the back of the book doesn’t really give you much of the plot – but I’ve discovered that I kind of like it better when I’m not entirely sure what I’m getting myself into. Then everything becomes a pleasant surprise.

This one I’ll be keeping in my book collection and possibly hunt down the sequels later on.


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