Well That Was Quick

I read a couple of reviews on Goodreads after I finished.  They all said ‘overview’. I think that is a pretty spot on description.  The book is only nine chapters and 240 pages long.  It goes over (what I am assuming) the major points/accomplishments of his life.

There were a few grammatical errors in the text – which make me wonder if this was a self-published book.  Which is something I could check out – but I just finished school, and I’m feeling waaay too lazy to do any kind of research/Google search.


There were also a lot of references to another Tesla biographer by the name of Margaret Cheney.  The author included a lot of long quotes from her and it was a little distracting.  It kind of made it sound more like a term paper than a book.

Outside of that, though, Nikola Tesla was a pretty interesting guy.  I enjoyed reading about the feud he had with Thomas Edison.  He seemed more like an artist than a scientist.  His inventions were pretty incredible and scientists are apparently still trying to decipher his notes.  I think it would have been incredibly interesting to meet this man.

I would say if you ever get a chance you should definitely read a biography on Nikola Tesla.  This one is a pretty easy read, but if you’re want something a little more in depth, I’d probably try another one.


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