The Goal

The goal is simple.  Read all the unread books in my book collection. Being a book lover, there's quite a few of those. The plan (which is something I found on Pinterest), is to write them all down on little pieces of construction paper, fold them up, toss them in a fish bowl, stir them …

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All the Paths of Shadow ~ Frank Tuttle

Read what's in your books. But don't ever forget that printing a thing doesn't make it true.


The Bonesetter’s Daughter ~ Amy Tan

That was how dishonesty and betrayal started, not in big lies but in small secrets.


The Bonesetter’s Daughter

In memories that rise like wisps of ghosts, LuLing Young searches for the name of her mother, the daughter of the Famous Bonesetter from the Mouth of the Mountain. Trying to hold on to the evaporating past, she begins to write all that she can remember of her life as a girl in China. Meanwhile, …

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Acorna ~ Anne McCaffrey

When the tiger executes a merger with the goat, which one walks away?


Red Dragon (movie)

Our scars have the power to remind us the past was real.


Dreams of Gods & Monsters ~ Laini Taylor

There is the past and there is the future. The present is never more than a single second dividing one from the other.